I was basically born in the Chicago merchandise mart watching my dad sell. I would go with him on sales calls and hide and play in the clothes racks. I loved to play with his fabric swatches and order forms. The colors and textures were like candy. He had an amazing knack with making people smile. I can say I definitely got some of my worst and best habits from my dad. I bite my nails to the quick and love to connect with my customers. I love to see them laugh and smile when they see my designs. I love seeing the glitter in a new grandma’s eye as she shares her list of grandbabies . New moms are the best! So brave, so loving, so excited and so in charge.

Now my mom on the other hand… where to begin? She’s an amazing creature and she doesn’t even know it. She’s one of the hardest working people I know. It is from her that most of my creative and logical thinking stems. She’s been my support, cheerleader, and best friend my entire life. I can remember late night weekends making pallets with friends while our moms made holiday gifts and ribbon braided barrettes. Ahhh the ’80s.

My heritage includes creative, entrepreneurial, strong women. My mom’s mother came to America from Germany when she was 11. She married my grandpa and started her own business- a hair salon in Chicago while my grandfather, a carpenter, built their home. My great grandmother was a seamstress who created gorgeous gowns. They were hard working women that also had a strong commitment to their children and family. My mom is my sidekick. She helps me create, supports me at shows and markets and is my creative sounding board. I can’t say enough about how amazing this woman is.

I have always created things. In highschool I would do hair wraps for friends and in college I began to make and sell items at the campus markets. I was devastated when my “caboodle” full of beads and supplies was stolen out of a friend’s van at a concert. But what’s a girl to do… shake it off and keep creating. I slowly built my collection back up and created a business called Boogiebead. My dad was thrilled as I would send him dozens of beaded eyeglass chains that he would proudly wear. It was with Boogiebead that I met my Crafty Bag friend Crafty Hag. Totally random how the universe pulled us together but completely grateful to know this gal. We formed the St. Pete Craft Heroes to support handmade art and organized and put on several craft shows that always benefited a cause. Some of my favorites were the Craft Emergency to benefit the Red Cross (hurricane season) and the Mega Craftzilla that took place at and benefited Dinosaur World.

It was with the Crafty Hag that the first design of My Boogie Baby was created. It was around 2008 when we went a bit overboard and signed up for any craft shows that we could. It was a two day show for only $60. Who could resist? Well we should have because we sat staring at the clock while listening to a woman talk about cremations over and over – Yes it was at a senior facility. Odd place for a children’s clothing business to be born. It was not until day two that we decided to use this time wisely. We brought supplies to create items while we sat. It was during that time that I made my first Hootie (stuffed plush owl). The hootie then turned into a design on a onesie. I made a few here and there but it wasn’t until my own Boogie Baby was born that I went all-in with onesies that then expanded to toddler clothing as my own boogie baby grew.

Today I work full time in a job that I LOVE, I am a full time mom & wife and I create My Boogie Baby designs to make others smile. There’s something about a handmade gift that people still long for and adore. It’s my joy to share my talent and family heritage with other families and their loved ones.